Management Team


Mr. Vibhor Agarwal President
Mr.Gaurav Jain Sr. Vice President
Mr. Sidharth Singhal Vice President
Mr. Sameer Goel Secretary
Mr. Nishant Jain Jt. Secretary
Mr. Ankur Jaggi Immediate Former President
Mr. Manish Jain Council Members
Mr. Paras Anand Council Members
Dr. Brij Bhushan Council Members
Mr. Amber Anand Council Members
Mr. SPS Jaggi Council Members
Mr. Ravi Mohan Agrawal Council Members
Mr. Aman Dayal Council Members
Dr. Adip Kotpal Council Members
Mr. Sanjeev Jain Council Members
Mr. Paresh Thaker Council Members
Mr. Puneet Gupta Council Members
Mr. Gaurav Agarwal Council Members
Mr. Yogesh Garg Advisory Committe
Mr. Ashok Jain Advisory Committe
Mr. Ashok Kr. Jain Advisory Committe
Mr. Yogendra Agarwal Advisory Committe
Mr. Shashi Kant Goel Advisory Committe
Mr. Shashank Jain Advisory Committe
Mr. Trilok Anand Advisory Committe
Col.(Dr.) Naresh Kumar Advisory Committe
Mr. Adarsh Anand Advisory Committe
Mr. Abhay Kumar Advisory Committe
Mr. Rakesh Kohli Advisory Committe
Mr. B.L.Garg Advisory Committe
Mr. Avinash S.Alag Advisory Committe
Mr. Puneet Anand Advisory Committe
Dr. Poonam Devdutt Advisory Committe
Mr. M.P.Tyagi Advisory Committe
Mr. Rajeev Jain Advisory Committe
Capt. V.K.Gupta Advisory Committe
Mr. Ankit Singhal Advisory Committe
Mr. Sunjeev Gupta Advisory Committe
Prof. Vivek Kwatara Special Invitee
Dr. Sandeep Bhandari Special Invitee
Mr. Ishan Mithal Special Invitee
Mr. Puneet Gargya Special Invitee
Mr. Atul Bhushan Gupta Special Invitee
Mr. Dheeraj Gupta Special Invitee
Mr. Utkarsh Jain Special Invitee
CA Dhruv Arora Special Invitee


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