President’s Message

Good day ladies and gentleman,

Our outgoing president Mr. Ankit Singhal and other office bearers Shri Kamal Anand Ji, Mr. Ankur Jaggi, Mr. S.P.S. Jaggi, Capt. V.K. Gupta, Council Members, Advisors, Special Invitees, Esteemed Members and their better half.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our out going president Mr. Ankit Singhal and his outstanding team of office bearers for successful term during which MMA has reached to new heights in various aspects – wheather it is quality of programs, visibility and information dissemination on face book & website and setting up systems in various aspect of administration of the association.

I thank you for making this day special, for electing me as the president of MMA. I feel proud and happy to stand before you to deliver this acceptance speech. After _______presidents and their teams, who have established such a high standard for this association, I feel pressure of responsibility to keep up this accomplishment. Though, I am confident enough to promise all our esteemed member that, we as a team MMA will do our best to meet your expectations. But, we have to be aware that it is the teem efforts that has got this association to a such high standard. Survival of this organization over such a long period has become possible, only because of its value for the team sprit. I have many able and passionate office bearers, council members, seniors in team MMA that give me conviction that we can not only meet the expectations of our members, but can exceed also.

In order to set the agenda for this new term, I would like to request all the past presidents and office bearers and council members to put forward their suggestions. We, at team MMA, shall be setting the agenda for this new term in consultation with all of you. However, two things comes to my mind on which we have to work. One is addition of new members which is very important to bring new thoughts, ideas and experience to the organization. I will request each member present here to take a pledge for enrolment of two members each to full fill this goal. During the last council meeting, our out going president dear Ankit had also emphasized on the same.

Second, we all are aware that women are excelling in every field whether it is armed forces, entrepreneurship, sports, company’s board etc. etc. Even in MMA, whenever they have been given any responsibility, they have performed exceeding well. How we can forget that during the able leadership of Doctor Poonam Dev Dutt, MMA got the best emerging LMA award from AIMA. Likewise, Mrs. Sona Anand, who was event convenor for “Women of Substance”, was one of the most successful event organized by MMA. It was full house & selection of Chief Guest as well as Women achiever was excellent.

I will therefor urge and insist our esteemed members to put efforts to encourage all the ladies to step forward and associate themselves with MMA. This will definitely bring wide set of expertise, experience cohesiveness and togetherness to MMA.

Dear Member, once again I would like to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity. I will do my best alongwith my team to be worthy of your confidence reposed in me and be a worthy successor to the illustrious list of past president of our association.

Now I would like to introduce my new team and request them to kindly introduce them self to the audience.

Thank you,

CA Sunjeev Gupta
President, MMA


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